HybridLeap™ Power Systems

Our HybridLeap power generation systems are fully AC/DC integrated power site solutions, and provide optimal performance, reliability and density for primary/backup power for your operation. HybridLeap provides seamless 24/7 operation through a highly efficient and unified architecture that combines our GenLeap™, EcoLeap™, SunLeap™ and CellLeap™ technologies. This one of a kind site solution offers a power density of 290 W/ m² and a 25% higher efficiency than traditional solar plants, making it the telecom operators’ preferred choice.


  • Lower overhead than large solar plants by eliminating extensive batteries and oversized real estate.

  • Our high efficiency (>97%) DC-DC isolated converters remove losses incurred with standard AC inverters and PV string based solar plants

  • Our pay-as-you-grow distributed and modular PV strings provide telecom grade redundancy, remove Christmas light and bad cell affects, and allow the mixing of PV technologies

  • Our high density monocrystalline 300-800W solar panels provide industry leading density and 17-21% efficiency

  • Intelligent, automated energy switching provides maximum power point tracking, identifies peak efficiency curves, and allows for configurable priority settings